There is chaos.

WARNING: Short-term pain for a long-term gain is the tagline for going through a remodel. Yes, there will be many people in your home. Yes, there will be a mess. Yes, there will be things that don’t go as planned. The good news is, everything will get organized, fixed and cleaned in time for the project completion. It helps to be patient and understanding through this process. There are a lot of moving parts and everyone is working towards the common goal of making you The process is never going to be the fun part, the fun part is when the remodel is over! Your new space will be worth the short time frame of chaos for many years to come.

  1. We need space and so do you!

    If possible, it is best to go away on vacation or stay with friends or family during the time that this work is being completed. The crews will work more efficiently when someone is not living in the project space and watching over them. For safety reasons and for business purposes, we first recommend that you stay elsewhere. If that is not possible, please try to stay in another area of your home that will not affect or distract the workers. We recommend if you are staying home to please not communicate with the crews. Please relay any questions, concerns or orders to the project lead so there is no confusion. We understand that it is hard to live with people working in your home ALL day and that you may feel like your space is being invaded by people you don’t know. This is just part of the process. Keep the end-goal in mind!

  2. Perfection is not attainable.

    It is important to have realistic expectations. While going through a remodel, it is up to the project lead to deliver the highest quality of industry standards. Each vendor is responsible for fixes and touch-ups, but replacing items instead of allowing for repairs is not realistic in these type of projects. Expect issues and expect touch-ups. Once the punch list is completed during the final project walk-through, you will have functioning spaces that look new and beautiful!

  3. Expect the discoveries to occur.

    Remodels are notorious for their unfortunate, yet fortunate discoveries! Always plan for a contingency on these projects when it comes to your budget and time frame. You may be frustrated the electricians, plumbers or HVAC technicians found more problems after the demo was completed, but usually these discoveries save your safety and money in the future. These discoveries are almost always blessings!

  4. Yes, we need the cleaners!

    There are certain stages of construction that the job site will need to be cleaned. There are other times where you will need to close your eyes, breathe and remember that dust settles each and every day and it does not make sense to clean until the end. Be sure to build in a cleaning budget for your project based off of your needs and let the project lead give you time frames that work within the schedule he/she created.