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Port City Design Group Knows Interior Design from Wilmington to Southport 

There is more to designing a space than choosing furniture and paint swatches – and our team knows more than interior decorating. Doing things the Port City Design Group way ensures that you receive the home of your dreams. We do this by following a series of steps that minimize errors and are guaranteed to leave you impressed.

First, let’s get better acquainted. We can stop by your home or invite you to our office to discuss your project. We want to learn about you, your design needs, and most importantly, your expectations. Once we have familiarized ourselves with your design venture, we will develop the project scope to achieve the turnkey space you desire.

STEP ONE: WE are here for YOU

The Client

  • Meet the client
  • Understand client’s project and interior design needs
  • Establish a relationship and rapport between client and designer

The Project

  • Become familiar with the residential or commercial interior design project
  • Develop scope of work

In the next step, we take action to create a design for your space. We render a floor plan and lay out fabric swatches to help you imagine the aesthetic and comfort if your dream space. Then, we will assess any construction needs. Are we demolishing a wall to create an inviting floor plan between the living room and kitchen? Are we building new workspaces for workflow efficiency on an office interior design project? All of these details matter and must be thoughtfully planned. We will examine every construction scenario with a fine-tooth comb.

STEP TWO: Schematic Design

Commercial Interior Design 


The Project

  • Address all construction or custom design needs

Design Deliverables

  • Paint
  • Lighting
  • Fabric/ materials
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Miscellaneous Selections


This is where your project truly comes to life. We will create rendered elevations and views of your future space, apply your design selections, and address any last minute construction obstacles. At this time, the chosen furniture and additional accessories will be purchased and the design will be executed. Port City Design Group will add those special finishing touches that are sure to make your space perfect.

STEP THREE: Design Development

  • Develop residential or commercial interior design
  • Add the elements that bring the project to life
  • Create rendered elevations and views
  • Apply design selection to drawings
  • Address any last minute construction obstacles

The final and most enjoyable step in the interior decorating process is the big reveal. Nothing brings us greater joy than to share the finished product with our eager clients. Whether it is a home, office, hospitality project, or mixed use common area design – it doesn’t matter. Port City Design Group is thrilled to share your new inviting space with you.

Are you ready to create your own beautifully designed space in the coastal areas of Wilmington and Southport? CONTACT US to get a free quote.

STEP FOUR: The Big Reveal

  • The final touches and the finished product
  • The big reveal of your custom design

You too can experience the life changing impact interior design can have. All you have to do is contact Port City Design Group and schedule appointment to get started.