meet our team

Danielle Saintard Valiente

Owner/Lead Designer


Founded Port City Design Group in 2014 after throwing darts at a map and moving to Wilmington the day after her college graduation.


Bachelor of Science, Interior Design with a concentration in Sustainable Design, Endicott College, MA.

Service Expertise

Residential and Commercial interior designer with the ability to fill gaps in the construction industry by managing the organization and communication that is needed.


Danielle believes in building and maintaining strong relationships with reliable service professionals so that she can best serve her clients and always add more value than what is expected. Danielle also believes in building strong client relationships and shows her appreciation to both clients and vendors every year on PCDG’s Appreciation Day!



Ally Edwards

Office Manager

Ally has lived in Wilmington, North Carolina her whole life and decided to stay in order to pursue her education. Her love for helping others has drawn her to pursue a degree in nursing. She hopes to specialize in either pediatric or labor and delivery nursing. Ally’s organizational skills and knack for planning has made her an asset at PCDG. In her free time, Ally enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and going on nature hikes.

Ingram Ballard

Design Assistant

Ingram brings both business and design skills with her education and natural talent. With an architect Dad, Ingram grew up watching the creation of floor plans, the process of construction and interior design. Growing up on the water was fun and inspiring, but Ingram also loves her barn time and riding horses! Outside of her passion for design, Ingram loves painting, being active and spending time with her two dogs, Penelope and Harper! 

Joe of All Trades

Installation Manager

Joe of All Trades is the lead on all PCDG installations and has been with the company since it opened. Joe is an expert on moving and arranging furniture, hanging artwork and mirrors and basically anything else we need him to do! Joe is also part of our project management team and handles everything from demo, to on-site fixes and the rebuild. Joe enjoys spending his free time with his cat.


Project Manager

Ricardo is from Santiago, Chile and moved to the United States with his family five years ago. In Chile, he studied administration and worked in management, but when he came to the U.S. he found himself enjoying home improvement projects. Ricardo manages the warehouse and helps manage projects with PCDG, where his bilingual abilities are one of his assets. He is also Danielle’s Spanish teacher! Ricardo enjoys outdoor activities and traveling with his wife and two sons to continue discovering the wonders of this country.


Human (pup) Resources


Security Guard

Let’s Start Designing!

Because the really cool stuff takes weeks or months to be delivered, the best time to start design considerations is in the early stages of a project.  Contact us today!