Here are five of the most common mistakes that can happen when you don’t work with an interior designer.

1. No communication or organization

Trust me, you will want a communicator in between you and your builder. Communication and organization are the biggest assets when building or remodeling a home or business. There will be times when a builder makes a call on site that may not be what you are looking for. Interior designers are familiar with what to look for and the questions that will be asked during these sometimes-stressful processes that require what may feel like, one million decisions. Let a designer help, you won’t regret it!

2. Order a few thousand dollars worth of mistakes

Ordering furniture: Interior designers are trained and comfortable in measuring for furniture, area rugs, window treatments and artwork. We are all human, so yes, we all make mistakes. However, the average homeowner will order a few thousand dollars of mistakes, on average. An interior designer can measure and use 2D and 3D programs to show and configure sizes, so you are able to visualize placements and sizes and so mistakes are not made. Consider the service of an interior designer like getting insurance on big ticket items!

3. Hire a contractor that doesn’t show up

Think of interior designers as your biggest asset in terms of resources. They know who is reliable, trustworthy and talented and they know who to stay away from. Hiring an interior designer has a benefit far beyond one person. You will see the value and appreciate when you know who to call, who to hire and who to trust with your money. Remember, everyone has a contractor nightmare story and you do not want to add your name to that list!

4. Get overwhelmed with too many options

Confident decisions will save you money and stress! One hour with an interior designer can save you from making mistakes and from driving yourself crazy with 20 paint colors on the wall! A designer can also create a cohesive color scheme for your entire home, providing swatches as a visual tool and giving you permanent color inspiration. A reputable interior designer will save you time and money!

5. Wait too long

It is too often that interior designers hear the words, “I wish I had known you a year ago,” OR “I wish I had called you when we started.” Let’s face it, no one likes to live with regrets. Most interior designers offer free consultations. Make the effort to save yourself the trouble and get things done right the first time. If you feel like the designer is a good fit, you will have one less regret and one more win during your project experience.