Front Doors Need More…

Doors need more color
May 14, 2020

Every time I see a front door washing out on an exterior or it is the same color as the shutters, I feel that the personality of the home is being sacrificed. Do not neglect this opportunity! Your door can be the backdrop of family photos OR how people remember your house. Do not forget the front door- it wants to be seen and it has something to say, “welcome!”

See my front door below

Front door color: Sherwin Williams Citronella SW6915


How To Choose Your Front Door Color?

Create a palette with these 3 colors, allowing the front door to be the brightest and boldest pop. Your scheme should compliment where there is contrast between light and dark and muted and bright. If your house is brick, make sure your colors do not compete with the brick. Orange and red will not work! Dark trims are a great accent against brick homes or if you have light siding. If you have a lot of black shutters, your front door should not be black because it will disappear. Try to use 3 to four different colors on your exterior if you can. You have 3 to 4 opportunities with the exterior siding, shutters, trim and a front door color. Sometimes you may even have an accent area of shakes or a different material that could also coordinate into your palette.

Front door- Create your pop here!

Trim — White OR go for a darker accent color.

Shutters — Go for a complimentary color that is at least two shades darker or lighter than your siding.

Siding — Most people go neutral here, but you can also go dark and really make a statement!

Accent siding [ie. shakes] — Pull in your shutter color here OR go two shades lighter or darker than your siding. You don’t have to be on the same paint chip for this!

Exterior color scheme examples:
Exterior: white
Trim: gray
Shutters: navy blue
Front Door: kelly green

Exterior: brick
Trim: black
Shutters: olive green
Front Door: yellow

Exterior: beige
Trim: dark taupe
Shutters: black
Front Door: apple red

Exterior: charcoal gray
Trim: black
Shutters: light gray
Front Door: indigo/orange/lime green

xo dsv


Written by Danielle Saintard Valiente

Danielle Saintard Valiente is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and community advocate in the Cape Fear region. As owner of Port City Design Group, Danielle is living her passion by collaborating with her clients and subcontractors in order to execute one-of-a-kind, life changing designs, while making lifelong relationships. Having lived in Wilmington since 2010, Danielle plans to contribute to the area's growth and continue to make an impact through design.

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