Soft & Neutral

December 1, 2021

Plush. Poofs. Pretty please!

One trend we’re really seeing become increasingly popular in interior design is furniture pieces covered in textured, cozy fabrics. You will find the soft, teddy-bear-like material on everything from a large sofa, to accent chairs, and even simple throw pillows. No matter the piece, these materials are all about comfort and aesthetically pleasing to the senses.

We observed several neutral pieces at High Point Market in High Point, NC. The soft all-natural neutrals (mostly beige and soft white) really appeal to everyday design and add a chic modern look while still feeling relaxed. Many of these performance fabric selections are also sustainable.

Textured fabrics shouldn’t be reserved just for outerwear. Adding this tactile addition to your furniture pieces is an easy way to instantly elevate your designer pieces and warm up your space. Consider trying this statement trend on a plush sofa that the whole family can sink into on the weekend for your weekly movie night, sponsored by your interior designer!

xo jess

Written by Jess Devore

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