Powder Me Up, Buttercup!

May 1, 2021

Powder Rooms are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and go all out!

A powder room is the guest bathroom on the main floor that usually only the guests use. They are a great way to experiment with color and pattern because it is such a small space, and they can afford to carry the boldest design elements in your home. No boundaries!

Think about using a different floor- glass, pattern, color or decorative tiles. Leave your fear behind and remember, the space is small, so it can afford it all!

Think about using a wall covering- bring the floor into the walls with accents of color, texture, and pattern. Coordinating a patterned tile to a patterned wall covering makes for a fun space that you would never try in the main areas of your house!

Think about the lighting in the room- Rid of the vanity light and swap it out for a mini chandelier, hanging pendant above the mirror or sconces! Depending on what type of feel you are going for, we try to bring in lighting that compliments the wall covering and flooring.

Powder rooms are great for experimentation with design and it gives your guest a WOW! Add a cool mirror and don’t hold back!

xo ingram ballard

Written by Ingram Ballard

Ingram Ballard is a 2019 graduate of East Carolina University with a BA in Business Management. She brings a business background and a keen sense of aesthetics to Port City Design Group. Ingram grew up with an Architect father and accompanied him from job site to job site experiencing, first-hand, the process of new construction and the development of projects from inception to completion. This sparked a passion within her such that she would spend hours in her room and those of her siblings moving furniture around until she located the most ideal arrangement, organization, and style. Ingram is a designer for Port City Design Group.

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