It is that time of year again… hot, hot, and hotter! I have a love/hate relationship with summer time. I love that I get to enjoy the beautiful weather, sit outside on the porch, by the pool, or along the ocean. However, it is hard to beat the HEAT!! Don’t worry- we have some tips that might help keep the temperature in your house and keep your bills down!

*We can recommend vendors if you are interested in doing any of the following:


  1. Invest in some curtains and/or blinds. At least up to 30% of heat comes from your windows! So, to save a little bit on those bills, and keep you feeling cooler in your home, grab some beautiful window treatments to help lower your indoor temperature by about 20 degrees! If you don’t want to cover your windows, we recommend using window film. You won’t even know it’s there visually, but you will certainly feel it!
  2. CFLs & LEDS all the way!! Get rid of those incandescent bulbs that waste about 90% of their energy in the heat they emit. So, it is time to make that change to help a little with cooling your home and even lowering your electric bills.
  3. Say hello to my little plant. Let your green thumb go crazy! By putting plants by your windows, it will help to soak up some of the sun’s energy and help a bit with the heat that enters through the windows.
  4. Properly insulate! You need to have your attic space properly insulated. The insulation will help with keeping your cool air in your home, and not leaking out through the ceiling. Spray foam insulation can make a significant difference.
  5. Turn those ceiling fans counter-clockwise. Yes, you can indeed switch up the direction of your ceiling fan! By switching your fan to rotate counter-clockwise, it pushes the air downward allowing for you to cool off in the hot summer months. Just switch it back to clock-wise during the cooler months of the year to allow it to circulate the already cool air.