Design Boards

June 1, 2021

Design boards are our source of origination and creativity! Our overlays contain different fabrics, paint colors, inspirational items, cabinetry finishes, textures, wall coverings and images. This is where we start all our projects. We curate these items and place them on a design tray, collaborating and creating a scheme for each client’s palette!

Design boards help us show our clients what we are thinking. They help us translate their words and phrases describing their home and turn them into imagery. They are a physical and visual way to express and present ideas in a way that others can visually follow.

First, we develop a theme or style. Lately at our team meetings we have been curating one word into a design. Our past words have been botanical, sahara, west coast, bouquet, etc. Everyone in the office is involved with making their own design board. It shows how one word can be interpreted differently from person to person, which is why visual representations in what we do is so important!

Design boards are a great starting point for design and inspiration. It is a visual aspect that helps the client feel and picture what their space will look like!

xo ingram ballard

Design Tray: “Gem”

Digital Design Board- Brand

Client Design Tray- inspired by Costa Rica

Design Tray: “Sahara”

Design Tray- Plush

Design Tray- Bouquet

Written by Ingram Ballard

Ingram Ballard is a 2019 graduate of East Carolina University with a BA in Business Management. She brings a business background and a keen sense of aesthetics to Port City Design Group. Ingram grew up with an Architect father and accompanied him from job site to job site experiencing, first-hand, the process of new construction and the development of projects from inception to completion. This sparked a passion within her such that she would spend hours in her room and those of her siblings moving furniture around until she located the most ideal arrangement, organization, and style. Ingram is a designer for Port City Design Group.

About Port City Design Group

Port City Design Group is an interior design firm that creates experiences through the turnkey presentation of luxury residential and commercial interiors. PCDG brings communication and organization to the jobsite, while taking the stress off of the client, with an efficient and enjoyable process. With a facility over 4000 square feet, PCDG operates with an office and warehouse all in house, with the ability to take all projects from start to finish, with a BIG REVEAL at the end!