2021 Trend Setting

February 9, 2021
2020 was a rough year and I know we are all ready to put it behind us! Let’s look into 2021 interior design trends that will be influencing the world.

1. Peel and stick wall covering:

Wall coverings have been a rising trend and they are an easy way to transform a space with a splash of texture, color and pattern. Powder rooms are most popular for wallcoverings because they are small little jewelry boxes for your home that influences your guests! It is a fun way to go bold without having your whole house go bold. In fact, in December we were remodeling a gym and used peel and stick wallpaper. Our installer put it up in half of the time it usually takes to use the glue! Check out our PCDG custom designed vinyl wallcovering printed by Copy Cat Print Shop and installed at a local gym, RipXFit!

2. Green Kitchen Cabinets:

After seeing Kendall Jenner’s home in the July edition of Architectural Digest, we fell in love with the idea of green cabinets. Whether it is an olive green or a deep emerald, we will definitely see this trend in 2021. Green is considered a complimentary color pulling from blue and yellow, so the cool tones gel right along with white marble countertops and antique brass hardware. Muted, rich greens are an unexpected pop in the kitchen, which we believe will turn into the new neutral for 2021!

3. Pantone 2021 Color of the Year:

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray – Why did they choose yellow and gray to represent the year of 2021? These two colors highlight 2 different elements coming together for support. Gray is practical, as it complements the optimism of yellow. This combo creates deep feelings of thoughts, but also gives you something to look forward to, with a developed sense of contrast. After the hardships of 2020, we all need something to look forward to, something that shares positivity and light on 2021!

4. Sconces and Multi Pendant Lighting:

We have started to see this trend come around and think that it will be a big hit for 2021! Sconces are lights that are on the wall instead of hanging from above. Instead of a horizontal vanity light in the bathroom, you can have 2 sconces surrounding the mirror. It is unexpected and can add a sophisticated flare to the bathroom! Sconces are usually more unique in their style than regular horizontal vanity lights. You can add them to the walls in the hallway to make a mysterious tunnel. Multi pendants is a light that you can interchange for a chandelier. These bring a different aspect because the pendants can be all different shapes and sizes, or they can be hanging at different lengths so that it makes a beautiful collage of lights!

5. Durable Fabrics and Cleanable Surfaces:

Since 2020 was the year of COVID-19, we have learned so much about the pandemic and the spread of germs. In 2021, we can expect that most design needs will have to deal with the durability of the fabric and surfaces that are easy to clean. Crypton fabrics are the strongest durability that you can get. The technology in the fabric makes it stain resistant, odor resistant, outdoor safe, dog safe, and children safe. You could pour bleach on the fabric with zero repercussions!  Crypton fabrics have come very far and have many patterns, colors, and textures. Cleanable surfaces are another trend bound to take place in 2021. We have seen a rise in glass, vinyl and smooth surfaces that are nonporous. Glass is still timeless and looks amazing with the reflections and glares that it can give. Just imagine your beautiful dining light bouncing off your clean glass top dining table!

XO Ingram Ballard

Written by Ingram Ballard

Ingram Ballard is a 2019 graduate of East Carolina University with a BA in Business Management. She brings a business background and a keen sense of aesthetics to Port City Design Group. Ingram grew up with an Architect father and accompanied him from job site to job site experiencing, first-hand, the process of new construction and the development of projects from inception to completion. This sparked a passion within her such that she would spend hours in her room and those of her siblings moving furniture around until she located the most ideal arrangement, organization, and style. Ingram is a designer for Port City Design Group.

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